Cybercrime Growing in the USA

Let’s face it, you have been a victim of a Cyber crime. If you are an adult living in the USA, if you use the Internet, which we can assume you do since you are reading this article, then more than likely your identity or your personal data, has been stolen, hacked, or in some way hijacked during the past year or so.

There is a Cyber Attack every 39 seconds. My own servers covering my work with consumers get hit every single day, day in and out, by cyber criminals in Russia, China and a few other countries. On some days there could be 20 to 30 attempts to breach our firewalls and security systems. Fortunately, we have a silver bullet in our system which they can not breach, at least not while sitting at a computer in Russia or China. 🙂 And not I will not describe it, since we simply do not need more efforts to breach our consumer files.

What the heck…. another notice of a data breach at Wattpad.

There are more than 1,000 data breaches each year. The above breach I just got notice of today, December 05, 2020, which took place in June. JUNE!!! Heck the hackers could have already purchased a car or secured three credit cards using my name by now. That is if I did not take the necessary precautions to: Watch my Credit Report Weekly, Have my Credit Report LOCKED until I need to use it, and MOST importantly use a DIFFERENT password for every single online account I have.

That’s right and it works! My recommendation to everyone that uses any online accounts is this. Create a CODED password that only you understand the code. This means if a hacker gets your password from your social media account at Facebook, when they attempt to access your bank account, it will NOT match. Most data breaches end up securing your Name, Address, Email, Password. From there the hackers, cyber criminals, can go through available data dumps (since we in America basically give away our personal data for free to any online company or phone app out there) and thus they will match up our password from source A and run it through a host of companies, online accounts, in order to steal from us.

The cost of these data breaches is staggering. $50 to $100 billion in the USA alone. Online dating scams steal more than $1 billion a year from Americans.

And for my friends and readers that are small business owners, 60% of small businesses that suffer a cyber attack FAIL! This is one of the reasons NOT to keep your client data in the CLOUD! And hire an expert to protect your systems, your client’s data and keep a watchful eye open for the attacks. They are sneaky little Bas@%&^@.

If you would like recommendations from my office as to how to protect your data, your clients and your computer systems, reach out to me through the contact page here. We can certainly work together to slow down the attacks and help eliminate the financial damage it can cost you and your company. As for my consumer followers…. change your password and create a CODE for how you create new passwords. It will help stop the cyber thieves in their electronic tracks!

Your Consumer Advocate, Wayne Warrington

Wayne Warrington Consumer Advocate

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