Do not over look your claims with class-action cases. 

Classaction lawsuits represent an important and valuable element of our legal system as they provide a fair and efficient resolution of valid claims, by groups of individuals, by allowing the claims to be consolidated into a single case against a defendant that has allegedly caused harm.

For over a decade my office has assisted thousands of individuals with the recovery of the monies “lostmoney” available to them through class actions cases filed within the United States.

Class-Action Lawsuits

The following represents some of the more recent class-action cases that consumers across America should be aware of and file their claims if the case relates to damages they have been associated with.  The easiest way to stay on top of the claims that may be available to you as a consumer is to complete a family profile at which will allow our research team to connect you with possible claims year after year.

Class-Action Suits:

Wodonga Council  – Ratepayers Claims
Apple Computers – MacBook Pro
Spotify – $112.5 Million Settlement
Samsung Electronics
ADT Inc.  – Shareholder Suit
New Dominion LLC – Earthquake Damages in Oklahoma
Deoleo USA – Bertolli Olive Oil Consumer Claims

The point of class-action cases is two fold.  First to stop companies from misleading consumers “customers, employees, clients” with deceptive advertising practices whether verbally, through written contracts or through various media outlets.  The second point is to recover the actual damages incurred by those same actions.  So whether you use olive oil for cooking and you made a purchase of Bertolli’s Olive Oil because they stated the source of their product was from Italy, or you live in Oklahoma and an earthquake caused damage to your home, you may be able to receive a part of any settlement or court award from the companies that have been deemed responsible for your loss.

Class Action CasesThe amount of your claim from a class action suit can vary greatly.  From a few dollars to hundreds of thousands.  We are dealing with a host of cases today and will be adding hundreds of cases for our consumers to connect with during 2018/2019.

Stay aware, watch the news for class action matters and more importantly get your family profile with LostMoney set up.  The services through LostMoney are free and are ongoing year after year since millions of new accounts are added every year in the United States alone.  There is over $1 trillion in lost money and unclaimed property in the USA, so your odds of having a claim are significant.

I have heard from a few consumers that they simply do not wish to take the time to pursue a claim from a class-action case.  When I remind them that in some cases the actions were filed because of fraud on the part of the defendant(s) and the cases are in many cases against insurance companies, major corporations and others that knowingly have harmed consumers in order to enrich their own interest and officers/directors, well this seems to strike an accord with those consumers.  It may not be a lot money you are claiming.  It is the statement to these defendants that are found guilty of fraudulent activities that is more important.  We the PEOPLE will not stand for these actions and the abuse of our trust in companies that are misrepresenting their products/services.

Watch for our upcoming class action articles which are being prepared on individual cases starting in July 2018.  I will be tracking the status of cases, reporting on the class types, claims processes and much more.

Best wishes for your successful LostMoney recovery.  Wayne Warrington




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