If the trade deficit, government treasury bonds, and now the impact on our auto industry was not enough, China delivers yet another product to the USA which has a crippling affect on small business.

This holiday season, as I logged into my word press site for articles I was working on, I took a look at the consumer comment section.

What I found was 4,284 comments that I needed to work my way through in order to separate the real from the spam, the true consumer vs fake comments designed to draw traffic from my articles to websites seeking consumer sales.

What was interesting as I started marking the comments as spam and deleting them from the system was the number of comments for “knock-off” merchandise. Hundreds of them and as I glanced at the IP addresses that were attached to the comment I noticed a very high number, most of them actually, coming from China.  So, instead of simply doing my 2 hour chore of scanning and deleting thousands of unwanted spamming comments, I took a few minutes to back track the IP addresses and the product pages the spammers were attempting to direct my consumers to.

Hundreds of spam comments all from the same two or three locations in China. Over 285 in just over 1 hour on Thanksgiving morning.  Then another 324 the following morning.  And as I back tracked the websites, I found most were registered just weeks ago and once again set up to drive consumer traffic to purchasing knock-off merchandise such as New York Knick’s Jerseys, t-shirts, iphone cases, Gucci Purses, Chanel Bags are on the list.  I am pretty sure my websites are not the only ones being hit by these spammers, so my point is let’s not fuel this fire by purchasing knock-off merchandise.  China has become the number 1 producer of spam on the Internet.

Millions of website links are being created on real content sites such as FarSuperior’s Community of domains, only to be used as attraction points to get consumers onto websites in China or other parts of the world which serve to dilute our business assets with counterfeit goods being sold to consumers here in the states and rip off legit American companies.

If China’s government allows their businesses to under mind fair business practices, then we should reduce… if not eliminate our trade imports.  Let’s compete on an even ground, let’s open trade with countries that do not abuse the system or produce counterfeit goods.  Our US companies work to hard to produce quality products, we should be supporting them at all costs.


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