The answer is obviously NO!  And like others, I too have fallen by the assumption I could do it all, on my own, without help from others.  We can be pretty EGO strong at times in life and then something happens and our world seems to crash down upon us and we receive a big wake up call.  To this end, and for the message of the day, never ever be afraid to ask for help!


I SEEK THE WISDOM AND SPIRITUAL POWERS OF THOSE MORE KNOWLEDGEABLE THAN ME. I humbly and willingly accept the gifts of wisdom and knowledge others provide to me. I seek out relationships with true teachers and I develop wealth from the alliances of wisdom I create.


Welcome to day 2 of our MasterMind session.  The ability to learn is a great gift. It is similar to love and forgiveness because the ability to learn is an act of giving that is always available to you. How can the ability to learn be an act of giving?  It is a gift to yourself and others when you create the knowledge and wisdom necessary to better your life and thereby the lives of others.  Obtaining wisdom and knowledge requires special abilities. You must admit to yourself that every person is superior to you in some way. In do doing, you not only humble yourself, but you discover  your weaknesses and learn from others strengths.  In undertaking an honest assessment of your weaknesses and strengths, you prepare yourself for the learning experiences you must obtain in order to improve.

By surrounding yourself with a group of peers, mentors, teachers each of whom representing someone you respect in life, as well as their knowledge, and by bringing them together as your mastermind group, you can and will grow and learn at a much faster rate then ever possible by going it alone.

As part of my 10 day mastermind experience, I used part of day 1 to select those people I trust, respect and feel we can help each other through the formation of a mastermind group.  I have started to reach out to all of these individuals to establish times to speak with them over the phone or in person to determine whether a mastermind group would be of true benefit to them.

One of the critical aspects of developing your mastermind group, is the synergy among members. This means you should select like minded individuals that possess positive mental outlooks on life.  They should also be non-competitive in business so that each can and will speak freely during the sessions and be open to all discussions.  The first rule you should agree to is one of non-disclosure.  All topics, conversations and exchange of information that takes place during a mastermind session as well as before and after in secondary settings, is at all times to be held in confidence.  The true benefit of these sessions comes from honest and frank discussions that can deeply impact the lives and businesses of those participating.

One of my first mastermind groups, that I formed in the late 1980s, was to this day the most life changing group of people I have ever been associated with.  We pledged our time, energy, wisdom and confidence to one another and through the course of following 3 years our group was responsible for dozens of life and business altering decisions, millions of dollars of business ventures and humanitarian fund raising efforts.  The members of this group became very good friends and I knew that at any time if the need arose, I could call upon any one of them for assistance in life. This was the ultimate mastermind group.

As you put together your group you do not need to have all ten members.  If you only have 4 or 5, then open the door to those whom you trust to invite others.  Remember, your group is for the benefit of all… not just yourself.  However, make sure you have an interview process with each of those being considered for your mastermind group. Neither you or the member need to commit to the group until you are satisfied with the over all synergy of the whole group.

Remember, in life when we pay it forward, we receive far more than we give.

So, what else should Day 2 of your MasterMind session consist of?  In a word, PEACE!

You should start this day with the phone ringer turn off.  If that is not possible for the entire day, then at least for a few hours at a time AND remember your list of who you can take calls from during this 10 day period. If you are like me, this is not a easy process. There are many people in my life that I enjoy speaking with.  Especially on a personal level. However, in many cases those are the calls best left for a time where your focus is not dedicated to making changes in your life.  Also… toss out the guilt!  Those in your life that truly love you, or respect your need to spend this time to improve your life, will certainly be willing to allow you this 10 day period.

So, at this point you should be able to move forward with a positive state of mind for meditation. Also you can start defining “breaking down” the mastermind goals, that you set in day 1, into small doable chunks, tasks or action items.

So what have we accomplished during day 1 and 2.

First… we cleared the decks and set up the guidelines for our mastermind session.  What activities could we do and what we should avoid at all costs.  We listed the areas of our life that we clearly feel need for improvement and then we set our goals “objectives” for the 10 day period.

Second… we identified partners, mentors, teachers in our life that we respect and believe could provide great assistance to us as well as benefit from our mastermind group.

Third … we opened communications with them and started the process of building a group for the long term objectives.

Fourth… any negative elements or energy within our life has been removed in order for us to focus and maximize the return on our time investment of 10 days.

Five… if any of our objectives include health, wellness, fitness or nutritional improvements…well we better have started on those processes by this point as well.  🙂

So let’s close out Day 2 with the wisdom for today.


I will learn today by listening to and observing others. I realize every person has a strength greater than mine in some way. I will humbly seek the advice of others, and I will put my ego aside in order to truly learn and implement my new-found wisdom.

NOTE:  Once again a special thanks to John Alexandrov for his insight and inspiration for this series of articles.  Also my thanks to him for being a part of my mastermind group in Las Vegas so many years ago.  John is truly a leader and mentor to many.

My best wishes to all my readers here and to the hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals that decide this month to make a change in their life, to improve their life, to be of service to others, to you my prayers for success and God’s blessings upon you.

Wayne Warrington

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