As you are viewing all your friends posts on Facebook, have your eyes ever been drawn to a posting about a celebrity?

You know a posting that literally draws you in and makes you click just to read about the secrets of their lives!  OK, I’ll admit it… it has happened to me and then I experienced the famous BAIT and SWITCH.  So I thought as a consumer advocate, with 30 years plus of investigating these types of abuses by Advertisers, that I would share with you some of the obvious points and maybe a few of the less obvious ones as to; why this happens, how they are making money off your time and the click by click of your mouse as you strive to uncover the scandal they have baited you with.





The Advertiser finds an old celebrity photo and then a new photo so anyone “everyone” that watches TV or Movies will be curious as to why these photos are being shown together.  They then add a line to capture your interest…. “Brooke Shields Breaks Her Silence on Travolta” 

WOW… what in the world could be so important that she has held this back from the public for so many years?






Travolta wears sun glasses to hide his identity when picking Shields up from her school … NO… REALLY!

Now this Ad was really worth the 30 minutes of reading through…. in order to find out this juicy tid bit. lol   And why 30 minutes of reading?  Well this is where the advertiser makes their money.







In order to get to the whole John Travolta connection with Brooke Shields, you have to click through over 40 pages of TEASER, non related, old news facts about Brooke Shield’s life as a child, a teen and as an adult, and with each CLICK of your mouse to get to the next page, which by the time you are at page 20 you’re praying it comes soon before you die of boredom, your eyes have now been subjected to over 1000 Ads and promotional graphics that are designed to take you on yet another journey and waste another 30 minutes to hours of your time.  All the while…. the advertiser is earning 10 cents, 50 cents, a dollar each time you CLICK CLICK CLICK!

So the point to my article today, which I hope you noticed does NOT include a single Ad or multiple pages to click through, is this.  Please use your mouse responsibly … if we all stay away from these human mouse traps, we may eventually save us all from a life of viewing 1000s of advertisements a day in an endless game of worthless trivia.

There is a “FarSuperior” way to surf the Internet and to find the information you are seeking without all the Ads and scams and malware attacking you from every direction.   One additional thought for you is this…. did you know YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION is worth $20.00 plus on the Internet market?  That’s right!  Each time you fill out a form online with your name, email address, phone or other personal details “the more details the higher value for the information” the advertiser “company” adds $20.00 or more to their asset base. Why?  Because they sell, rent and exchange your information on a regular basis. This is why the PRIVACY POLCY, the TERMS OF USE for each website should be reviewed closely before you hand over your information.  This is why MY policy of use and privacy are simple and easy to read.   I have never sold, traded or rented a single consumer record since being online since 1996.  I hate spam!   And so my promise to the millions of consumers that have used my websites over the past 20 years has been to hold their records in confidence.   This is NOT the case with 98% of the websites on the Internet today… so surf with caution.

If you would like to be a part of stopping these abuses online, contact me through social media on Linkedin or Facebook.   Stay safe and Happy Holidays.   ~Wayne Warrington



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