There is a New Improved Internet About to Unfold!
by: Wayne Warrington

The world is moving way to fast and we are now coming full circle as to how consumers see and respond to advertisers. The old Interrupt Mode of advertising is being ignored or tuned out by consumers and companies around the world are stuggling with the end result.

What I am referring to when speaking of Interrupt Mode, is: telemarketing, TV commercials, Radio Commercials, junk mail, printed Ads, email blasts, etc.  Consumers are on information overload and their time is a precious commodity that they are no longer willing to give up.

Just last night when visiting a friend at his house as we sat down to watch a TV show when a commercial came on the screen he reached down to the remote and pressed the fast forward button and within seconds the show was back on and the commercials were simply a thing of the past. No interruption of the show for us.  This quickly reminded me of the same with bulk “spam” email and other unsolicited forms of advertisements that we are now able to simply push a button and turn off or tune out.

The new wave of advertising messages are being delivered via Permission Based processes. Consumers are getting what they want, when they want it. Unfortunately what this has created on the Internet is a bit of a battle of wits between advertisers, search engines and consumers.  Advertisers need to get their message delivered, search engines can only get paid if consumers click on the Ads and so our computer screens are being filled with ADS whether we like it or not.

As a consumer advocate this is a very frustrating situation and one where as I research the current trends my emotional state goes from frustrated to flat out angry as I witness the misleading programs and methods used by search engines and companies that are doing everything they can to capture the consumer’s attention and strip them of as much personal data as possible.

Let’s start with the most common method of getting advertisers in our face and on our screens.  When you use a search engine to find information you are looking for, the first thing you will notice is a host of Advertisements on the RIGHT side of the screen that are reportedly related to the search results you were hoping to obtain.  These Ads were quite effective 5 to 6 years ago when introduced, then as consumers started to ignore them, the search engines decided to place more Ads prominently displayed “and highlighted” at the top of the screen so hopefully they would be your first choice.

Consumers became quickly educated on the fact those Ads were maybe not only not the right choice but also a more expensive one since someone had to pay for the cost of that very expensive virtual real estate the Ad was occupying. So what happened next?  The search engines started to fade out the highlighting so consumers would have a difficult time determining what search results were Ads and what were organic results.

The next problem consumers started to experience, which is true today, are even the “organic” results are now filled with Advertisements.   That’s right, do a search… skip the Ads… only to find the link you click on leads you to a host of new Ads, pop ups, data captures and even worse… maleware where your computer and personal ID is at risk.

This is NOT what consumers wanted or signed up for by any stretch of the imagination.

All consumers want is accurate information on the subject matter they are searching on and referrals to companies that can and will provide the best products and services at a reasonable price.

Well the Internet is about to change for the better and in short order. There is a far superior way for consumers to get what they want and without the Ads, the spyware, the misuse of their personal information.  If you are a consumer tried of fighting all the Ads, the pop ups, the mass email you get in your inbox each time you “trust” a website… then write to me and tell me what you would like to see in the way of a new, cleaner and more trustworthy Internet.

Remember together we CAN make a difference!

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