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Failing the Test

The essence of who I am today is absent the man that came before me. Certainly, that man and I are one in the same, yet not in any way this day.

A flawed human, as with all mankind, has the opportunity “the promise” to be renewed and that is the path that I chose in 2006. So I have been renewed in faith, hope and through the love of our Father in heaven. As I entered the ministry in 2018, the slate was clean and my future unwritten. As 2019 approached, I was given such divine direction that it was overwhelming at first and then filled me with such peace and inspiration that I could not wait to share it. I look forward to the months ahead to share the revelations I received.

However, today I write to you, my brothers and sisters, with heavy heart for the state of our country. While great in so many ways, it is divided by just one. The above words came to mind as I pondered the future of our nation and its political system. We are diverse, each unique and each with gifts that are meant to be shared. Every day, hour and even each moment that we waste with feelings of frustration, anger or discourse leads us away from the future designed for us and away from the blessings in store for us.

Learn to trust, respect and share your love with others and then truly you will pass the test.

With His love…. Your Brother in Christ.

Have Members of Congress Committed an Act of Treason?

February 27th, 2019, in my humble opinion, represents one of the darkest days in American History.

As I was preparing for my third day of conferences covering the collection of personal data on American consumers and how to deal with the privacy issues being addressed around the world, I turned on the news to get an update on the progress President Trump was making with Chairman Kim Jong Un of North Korea.  This second summit, as we could all see, was critical to the furtherance of the pledge Chairman Kim had made to move towards the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

My focus this day was on my meetings with the CEOs and representatives from many of the digit giants as well as hearing directly from Google, Facebook and others they presented their cases for the protection of consumer data and the future of the Internet.  As the consumer advocate for over a million consumers here in the states, the GDPR in Europe and the new Data Privacy Law in California were first and foremost in my mind.  However, that all changed as the news commentators were discussing the opening of the congressional hearing and the testimony about to be made by one Michael Cohen, convicted felon and former personal attorney for Donald Trump.

What I wanted to hear about was the North Korea Summit.  I, like millions of Americans, take the threat of nuclear war very seriously when you consider where we were sitting just 2 years ago.  For over 70 years North Korea has posed a threat to millions of lives and in more recent years, a direct threat to these United States.   I have been so pleased with the progress and changes that have been made in the relations between North Korea and the United States, not to mention the amazing state of peace being developed between North and South Korea.   However this summit, this historic time was being overshadowed by what appeared to be another political circus act by congressional members to damage the image of President Trump.   Now do not get me wrong, I am not always happy with the statements coming from President Trump nor does his past relationships with women outside of his marriage bring to mind anything but heartfelt pain for the First Lady and his family.  The bottom line is this:  we did not elect a choir boy as President.  We hired a tough business man to clean up decades of problems in Washington and as far as I can see, he is doing just that.  We elected Donald Trump because we “Americans” were tired of the status quo with nothing getting done in Washington DC.

As I listened to the Republican Congress Members talking about the “timing” of this hearing and how Democrats were bringing in Mr. Cohen to testify as to his knowledge of Donald Trump’s business dealings and alleged payments that may be considered a violation of campaign finance laws, and how this was a direct attempt to split the screen from the good news from the Trump Summit and the Cohen attack on Donald Trump, this was the first thought that ran through my mind. How can the President of the United States keep his mind in the game, stay focused on the negotiations with Chairman Kim, when the world is watching the Democrats and Republicans battle back and forth over his business dealings and personal life before he came to office.

Then I asked myself, what affect on Kim is this making and what is going through his mind.  Then, it hit me.  The Democrats are playing right into the hand of Chairman Kim Jong Un.  They are handing him a way OUT of the negotiations.  A way to NOT give up the nukes.    If Chairman Kim thinks for one minute that our congress is in a deadlock, that President Trump is headed for impeachment proceedings, that the infighting between the house and senate and the Republicans and Democrats places the USA in a state of total chaos, well what is the incentive for him to disarm his country?   We all know the ONLY reason Chairman Kim is at the negotiation table and has made significant changes to his missile testing, nuclear arms posturing and peace efforts with the South, is because he was afraid President Trump would simply use our military to take him out.  If the North Korea leader felt for a minute that Congress was not fully backing the President, then the hand being held by Chairman Kim would be quit different and he may just push back away from the commitment made in 2018.

So here is my point, my concern and our collective nightmare. If any member of the US Congress did, with any intention, orchestrate the timing of the Michael Cohen testimony in order to disrupt or interfere with the peace mission Summit with North Korea, then it could be considered action taken in direct conflict with their oath of office and potentially an act of treason as defined by law.  At least that is the question I have for the Office of Congressional Ethics and other departments within our government.   For as I read the Constitution, Article III Section 3…. “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort…”  If the timing of the hearing with Michael Cohen did not give aid and comfort to the leader of North Korea, I’m not sure what else would.

I realize that treason is a very strong word and one we should never use without full justification for it.  I do not claim to know the answer as to whether an act of treason was committed… for I was not there and I do not understand how this all came about timing wise. However, it is very difficult to understand why congressional leaders would even allow such testimony to be given, knowing full well the extent and content of such testimony, on the same day our country is in the process of moving forward one of the greatest peace missions in decades.  Politically motivated strategic moves are the norm for both the Republicans and Democrats.  If my thoughts are correct, then this goes way beyond a simple political move that creates an opening and talking points for Presidential candidates. This could very well have an ongoing and critical impact on the safety of the Korean region and our country as well.

As I finish writing this, I just pulled up the news reports which indicate the summit has fallen short or failed.  This is terrible news and I in part hope and pray that “My Take” on this matter is wrong.  Why?  Because if I am right, then certainly yesterday was indeed one of the darkness days in the history of our country.

Wayne Warrington
Consumer Advocate


Learning to Forgive

Our individual journey in life is as unique to one another as our finger prints are. Therefore how is it possible for us to ever judge one another without having benefit of: the experiences, the love, the trials, the challenges, the triumphs, the fears and even the traumas that have shaped the reality that they live with.

We can’t.  And we must not.

I love this quote from the Bible.  Matthew 7:1-5

“Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.”Quote from Wayne Warrington



And then of course we have John 8:7

“And as they continued to ask him, he stood up and said to them, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.”

I truly believe that each of us has our own reality.  And, it continues to change as we follow our path in life.  And as such these words came to mind.


“You learn to forgive others when you realize their reality can be different than your own.”  ~Wayne Warrington

Let us never judge others…

Let us never judge others by the tattoos on their body, the clothes that they wear or the style of their hair … let us simply be aware of the light that shines from within when they stand silent in prayer.

By Wayne Warrington

Let us never judge others by the tattoos on their body...


I wrote this many years ago. It has been seen by thousands and shared hundreds of times through social media.  It is so important that we stand by this and learn this as we journey through life.  I for one learned this as one of my lessons in life.  We each have our own reality, our own set of rules that we established as we grew up and as we become adults.  Somehow the next part of that rule setting process was the application of our rules upon others.  How sad is that.  For when we think about it, would we want to have a set of rules placed upon us that were created by another who is as broken and flawed as we.

The ultimate rule maker, counselor, teacher was Christ. Jesus gave us the set of rules “standards” by which we are to live our lives.  Love one another and do not judge!   Matthew 7:1-3  “Do not judge, so that you won’t be judged. For you will be judged by the same standard with which you judge others, and you will be measured by the same measure you use. Why do you look at the splinter in your brother’s eye but don’t notice the beam of wood in your own eye?”

I realize this post may not seem as relevant to my consumers as most. I was guided to add this post so that my readers, those I serve as a consumer advocate, can understand the underlining foundation that guides my thoughts as I work to protect their interests.  I’m am simply God’s kid. Just as you are. No matter where you are in your spiritual path, we are truly all one. So let’s find common ground through which we can serve the common good of mankind.   Thank you and God Bless.    Wayne

Class-Action Cases are Growing

Do not over look your claims with class-action cases. 

Classaction lawsuits represent an important and valuable element of our legal system as they provide a fair and efficient resolution of valid claims, by groups of individuals, by allowing the claims to be consolidated into a single case against a defendant that has allegedly caused harm.

For over a decade my office has assisted thousands of individuals with the recovery of the monies “lostmoney” available to them through class actions cases filed within the United States.

Class-Action Lawsuits

The following represents some of the more recent class-action cases that consumers across America should be aware of and file their claims if the case relates to damages they have been associated with.  The easiest way to stay on top of the claims that may be available to you as a consumer is to complete a family profile at LOSTMONEY.com which will allow our research team to connect you with possible claims year after year.

Class-Action Suits:

Wodonga Council  – Ratepayers Claims
Apple Computers – MacBook Pro
Spotify – $112.5 Million Settlement
Samsung Electronics
ADT Inc.  – Shareholder Suit
New Dominion LLC – Earthquake Damages in Oklahoma
Deoleo USA – Bertolli Olive Oil Consumer Claims

The point of class-action cases is two fold.  First to stop companies from misleading consumers “customers, employees, clients” with deceptive advertising practices whether verbally, through written contracts or through various media outlets.  The second point is to recover the actual damages incurred by those same actions.  So whether you use olive oil for cooking and you made a purchase of Bertolli’s Olive Oil because they stated the source of their product was from Italy, or you live in Oklahoma and an earthquake caused damage to your home, you may be able to receive a part of any settlement or court award from the companies that have been deemed responsible for your loss.

Class Action CasesThe amount of your claim from a class action suit can vary greatly.  From a few dollars to hundreds of thousands.  We are dealing with a host of cases today and will be adding hundreds of cases for our consumers to connect with during 2018/2019.

Stay aware, watch the news for class action matters and more importantly get your family profile with LostMoney set up.  The services through LostMoney are free and are ongoing year after year since millions of new accounts are added every year in the United States alone.  There is over $1 trillion in lost money and unclaimed property in the USA, so your odds of having a claim are significant.

I have heard from a few consumers that they simply do not wish to take the time to pursue a claim from a class-action case.  When I remind them that in some cases the actions were filed because of fraud on the part of the defendant(s) and the cases are in many cases against insurance companies, major corporations and others that knowingly have harmed consumers in order to enrich their own interest and officers/directors, well this seems to strike an accord with those consumers.  It may not be a lot money you are claiming.  It is the statement to these defendants that are found guilty of fraudulent activities that is more important.  We the PEOPLE will not stand for these actions and the abuse of our trust in companies that are misrepresenting their products/services.

Watch for our upcoming class action articles which are being prepared on individual cases starting in July 2018.  I will be tracking the status of cases, reporting on the class types, claims processes and much more.

Best wishes for your successful LostMoney recovery.  Wayne Warrington




Wake Up America – We Did Not Elect a Politician

We did not elect a Politician as President, what we did was “hire” a businessman and CEO to come and clean up the mess.

Wayne’s Take… Being from a family in the political machine from the state to the federal levels for decades, I can appreciate the unsettling feeling that most Americans have when they read our President’s tweets, or listen to the news media as it relates stories as to the day to day operations of the White House and interactions between the President, members of congress, the justice department or the FBI.

However even though I too cringe at times as the content of the news media hits my desk or I hear of another tweet that seems to be so politically incorrect, I have to remind myself that we did NOT elect a politician to be President.  We hired a very direct, take no prisoners, businessman and CEO to come in and clean up the mess we have created by electing the wrong people into public office for the past 30 to 50 years.   That’s right… we have quite the mess in Washington DC and it was not created during the past 8 years, or 16 years… it was been slowly growing worse and worse every time we add fuel to the corrupt political machine that we allow to operate in Washington DC.

We the People…..own this country.  It is our right, our duty to ourselves, our neighbors and our children to hold all those in public office accountable for their actions and decisions as those actions and decisions relate to our lives, our liberty and our homeland.

President Donald J Trump is doing what he does best.  Hire, fire, build and clean up losing operations.  When he is attacked by the main steam media or by members of congress, he fights back.  No diplomacy, no apology, no hesitation.

He came into a massively burdensome position, he accepts no salary, he is simply paying it forward for all this country has given him and his family.  He is rocking the boat and there are many around him hanging on tight as the boat takes on water, while others are being washed overboard. This process is in fact simply cleaning out the boat of those that can not deal with the turbulent waters created through the storm we have to go through for the next 2 to 6 years.  I have a prediction.  At the end of the storm we are going to be very happy with the position America has as a world leading power in the world’s economy and the level of peace and positive relations we have among the nations that supported us in these times.

America is in fact making advances and becoming great again and the best part is our congressional leaders are realizing the American public is onto their games and power plays and we are no longer allowing them to run the show without being accountable to those that elected them.  Just take a look at the number of congressional leaders jumping ship this election.

Below is a great bit of history as to who our former Presidents were before becoming President.  President Trump stands somewhat alone in his background, as he should, because we do NOT need another politician in the oval office.  We need a man/woman dedicated to the future of our country and the elimination of the old political machine that has failed us over time.

Here is the key to how we can stay on board during the next 6 years.  Stop listening to the main stream media and their attacks on President Trump’s lack of political correctness.  We did not hire him because he was an Alterboy in church, nor for his gentle approach to sensitive topics.  At the end of the day, no one cares about his sexual affairs some 10 years ago.  All these media talking points do is fuel the fire of the anti-Trump movement, which in fact simply delays all of the good this Administration is doing to better our country and secure our nation while protecting the interests of our allies too.  Take a look at North and South Korea today.  A year ago, 2 years ago, a decade ago… if anyone would have suggested we would be seeing this level of cooperation and communication between these two nations, you would have called them crazy.   We see changes like this coming about because of the Trump Administration and President Trump’s unorthodox approach to the situation.  “Little Rocket Man”  Really!!!  Who would have thought this approach, along with the tremendous pressure Trump has placed on North Korea would have shifted that part of the world towards a peaceful solution.     Let’s stop second guessing our President and let him do his job.  Believe me… if we did, we all would get more sleep at night.

Just Wayne’s Take…. on where we are at today.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Of the 44[a] different people who have served as President:

26 Presidents had previously been lawyers

22 Presidents had previous military experience; 9 were Generals in the US Army.[2]

18 Presidents previously served as U.S. Representatives; 6 of 18 held this office prior to the four ‘previous positions’ shown in this table. Only one – James A. Garfield – was a Representative immediately before election as President. Only John Quincy Adams served as a U.S. Representative after being President. Additionally, after being president, John Tyler served in the Provisional Confederate Congress and was later elected to the Confederate House of Representatives, but he died before taking his seat.[3]

17 Presidents previously served as Governors; 16 were State Governors; 9 were Governors immediately before election as President. Only one, William Howard Taft, served as a Territorial Governor.

16 Presidents previously served as U.S. Senators; only 3 immediately before election as President. Only one president, Andrew Johnson, ever served as a U.S. Senator after his presidency.

14 Presidents previously served as Vice-President. All except Nixon were VP immediately before election as President; 9 of the 14 succeeded to the Presidency because of the death or resignation of the elected President; 5 of those 9 were not re-elected.

8 Presidents were out of office (for at least one year) immediately before election as President.

8 Presidents previously served as Cabinet Secretaries; 6 as Secretary of State; 5 of the 8 served immediately before election as President.

7 Presidents had previous experience in foreign service.[4]

5 Presidents had never been elected to public office before becoming President: Zachary TaylorUlysses S. GrantHerbert HooverDwight D. Eisenhower, and Donald Trump. Most of these had, however, been appointed to several prominent offices. Hoover’s contributions toward the Treaty of Versaillespreceded his appointment as Secretary of Commerce. Taylor, Grant and Eisenhower led U.S. forces to victory in the Mexican–American WarAmerican Civil War and World War II, respectively, each occupying the highest-ranking command post of their time. Trump is the group’s sole exception, having never held any public office whatsoever.

2 Presidents served as Party leaders of the House of Representatives, James A. Garfield and Gerald Ford.

1 President had never served in elected public office, the military, or government before becoming President: Donald Trump. Trump was a real estate developer, businessman, and television personality who was chairman of the Trump Organization.


THANKS TO Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for the above content. You rock the Internet.

Wayne’s Take… Six Degrees of Separation Destroys Facebook!

So as careful as I am NOT to fall into data capturing traps, someone within my six degrees “and yours I would presume” did fall into the trap.

Six Degrees Destroys Facebook

Cambridge Analytica got my data from a friend of mine connected to me on Facebook.  So what of my data has been compromised?

My entire profile, my name, my occupation, my date of birth, my phone, my email, my place of birth, my personal interests.

The good news is we can track much of what has been stolen online.  The bad news is… the information is out there and there is no bringing it back.   It can be sold, will be sold and will be used for a variety of purposes from selling you stuff, to displaying Ads, to overwhelming your inbox and text messaging to… well the worse option, stealing your ID and reeking havoc on your credit and reputation.

If you want to know more about what happened to your personal data and how to protect yourself from it being used against you then contact my office.  If you would like help protecting your ID and all your personal information from scams, we can help with that as well.

Happy e-surfing and be safe out there.  Wayne Warrington

Wayne’s Take… Commercial Real Estate

If you think the real estate market bust is over… that we have recovered, think again!

Yes I know and I feel it too.  2018 is a bright year for our economy.  Small businesses are growing, employees and entrepreneurs alike are happy.  Tax cuts, residential property values climbing, new healthcare options are opening up and basically if we can get past the Democrats vs Republican, the we vs them mentality, well we would be sitting pretty and life would be looking fine.

Here’s the problem and thus my take on where we are headed.  Have you noticed as you drive through town that there are a lot of vacant commercial properties.  And a variety of for rent, for lease, for sale signs on most every strip mall and commercial office building.  Well, I have.  And this has been the same for the past 7 years … and growing.

In my small town alone there is over 300,000 sq ft of commercial space available and virtually none of it has been rented for over 5 to 7 years.   When I moved to this beautiful small town in 2010, I made a point of it to meet with the town Mayor, the town Manager, the Chairman of the local Chamber of Commerce.  I asked them all the same questions.  How’s the town doing?  How’s the market?  Business growth?   I got nothing but smiles and cheerful… comments such as “Hey things are great and on the rebound.”  Well today we are in the midst of a massive battle in our town for a property tax hike on the voting block which is designed to save the town from bankruptcy.   The town has cut over 50% of its employees over the past 5 years.  It has trimmed every part of its budget the town council can possibly cut back on and yet we are still headed down a path of financial disaster.

We will survive.  The town will make it through it and property taxes will increase in order to save the day.   However the problems we face here are NOT just due to the 300,000 sq ft of empty space.   Part of the problem arrives every day at our front door.  The door bell rings and when you open it, there is a package on the front step with the name AMAZON written on it.  Not just that, but the fact that I am home “while working” is part of the equation as well.

So let’s add up all these factors and see what we have.

Over the past 10 years companies such as Amazon and other online stores have taken a huge bit out of the retail sales market.

Over the past 20 years the number of home businesses have grown and stay at home workers have increased to the point where more and more companies located in brick and mortar office buildings have trimmed their foot print by 10 to 30%.

And during the past 5 years the number of retail giants such as Sears, RadioShack, JC Pennys, Toys R Us and many more or closing their doors or down sizing.

Here is where I think we are headed.  Over the next decade we will have massive foreclosures of the old strip malls and shopping centers.  Anchor tenants will be pulling out leaving large shopping centers all but abandoned.  Small family owned retailers will find their business sales drying up as online sales continue to rise and the foot traffic they once counted on as part of the sales volume they needed to keep the doors open… well, the steps will be silent.

You may think that by the retail store down the street closing tomorrow will have no direct effect on you.  However as with my small town, the effect will be there one day down the road.  So my suggestion to this is for: retailers, business owners, shopping mall owners as well as other commercial building owners each and everyone of them, you need to start thinking outside the box.  Start looking at the options for your property.  This is what I did.  When my small town did not listen to my forecast back 5 years ago, I moved my business to a large “virtually empty” commercial building in Mesa Arizona after presenting my thoughts to the property owner and today we have turned that large commercial property around from a dying part of the problem to a thriving opportunity.  Take your head out of the sand and start working the problem from a different vantage point.

Just my take…. Wayne Warrington

SOTU – Republicans vs Democrats vs America

The State of the Union for 2018 was in my humble opinion the best ever in recent history.  Or was it the worst ever?

I watched with great anticipation as President Trump outlined, from the teleprompter, the state of our union and his vision for unity within America.  I watched with tearful eyes the testimony of many Americans as they recounted their experiences, my heart going out to them while at the same time I could truthfully see the changes coming about in our country that will resolve the problems that were catalysts to the events that created their pain.

With the above I witnessed the BEST SOTU I have seen in decades.

Then came the camera views of the other side of our congressional members.  Those sitting and not standing as the President comments of the return of “In God We Trust” or of the economy boom, or of the low unemployment rates for so many Americans that have felt left out of the employment opportunities here in our great country.   There in those moments seeing the faces of the democratic leaders I witnessed the worst.   You could see defiance.  Like a teenager or young child looking into their parents eyes when being denied that second scoop of ice cream, or the candy before dinner.

Then I watched the Democratic Response from the young Kennedy.  Really?   And then from Senator Bernie Sanders.   And I had to reply to the Senator with the following.

Senator Bernie Sanders SOTU Response

“As a small business owner, as a leader in the business community, as a consumer advocate, and as an individual raised in a family with deep ties to the political machine in Washington, here is my take. Senator Sanders, I can appreciate in part your comments as to the division we have in Washington and the ABSOLUTE need for this division to be eliminated in order for our country to move forward in the most productive and positive way. However, the State of the Union is stronger today, more so than any time in decades, because the Admin is rocking the boat and forcing the status quo mentality out of the political process. We are BACK to business in America and that is what will save us. The only thing standing in the way of total success for America is the division in congress attempting to block or circumvent the changes needed. YOU as a leader in the democratic party can be a voice of reason and a voice for your party, IF you work with the other side of congress and the Admin. I realize that in doing so, you will be reducing the chances for the democrats to place anyone in the White House for the next several elections. However today we can not be concerned with elections, we can ONLY be concerned with the recovery and future of our country. Stop fighting!! Stop pointing fingers!!! Start working together in a constructive and proactive manner to resolve our problems. If not, you become the reason for failure of any progress, as well as each member of congress that votes party lines vs voting for America. Just “my take” on the SOTU. Wayne Warrington, Consumer Advocate”

I must say I am very happy with the direction of our country right now, the growth of our small business community, the reinvestment in the labor and workforce of our Fortune 100 Companies and the return of the greatest we held for over a century.   The true test of Americans for 2018, 2019 and 2020 will be the unity that we find when we come together to eliminate the status quo attitude in Washington DC.   It is WE THE PEOPLE, not we the elected, that America was founded on.   Let’s get back to our roots.  Let’s get back to saving and providing for all Americans FIRST!

Just My Take!  God bless you all.  Wayne Warrington

Wayne’s Take… 2017 Tax Bill

Good, Bad & the Ugly

After listening to all the debates over the tax bill which just passed the House and is headed to the Senate tonight or tomorrow, I have to start with the Ugly!  Washington DC politics has not changed much at all.  The two parties are so divided and slinging insults and mud at one another it seems like more of a Reality TV Show then it does our elected officials doing what they were hired to do.   

Let’s face it…. we need change in this country and we need it bad.   Today as Nancy Pelosi blasted the Republicans for passing “ramming through” a 500 page Tax Bill which she says is …”stealing from our children, and they will all regret it in the next few years”… I had a flashback to the 2000+ page Obama Care Bill which was pushed through with very few congressional leaders being able to read it, much less understand it, only to find it was going to destroy our small business owners and double or even triple the cost of healthcare to our middle-class income families.  That was the Democrats in their finest hour and our National debt has doubled during the past 8 years.  Of course many would point to the National Debt doubled under George W as well.  I guess what they may not be taking into consideration is the impact 9/11 had on our country debt wise.

Ok… so much for the ugly, now for the Bad!                 

We are in a terrible position and just like small business owners I know that are upside down with their business equity, our country has to make changes to right the ship before it sinks.  This righting of the ship, changing our course is a slow process and requires a consistent effort and dedication by all Americans to be a part of the process.  So the Bad is simply this.  There is NO magic pill, no single legislative bill that will change it all and put us back on track. And it will take time… 5 to 10 years is my take on how long before we see the real results.  However by biting the bullet now and making these corrections, by reinvesting into our infrastructure and in our small businesses, we will see the America many of us grew up to believe in and see as the greatest nation on earth.

Now for the Good!   The course we are on with deregulating “getting Washington out of our business” and by cutting taxes and bringing health insurance back into a free enterprise market “with minor oversight in the needed areas” is already having a massively positive impact.  For those of you that are not Trump fans and more the likely never will be, well… bite the bullet/your tongue, and realize this.  Small business ownership is on the rise.  It is what made America so great 100 years ago and longer.   And now with a new age of revolution in technology and the Internet becoming the leading resource for consumer sales, i.e. Sears, Radio Shack, and dozens of retailers fading into the sunset of electronic sales, our small business owners will soon become critically important to the future of our economic growth and without the 2017 Tax Reform, we small business owners could NOT do it.

What is the evidence that supports Wayne’s Take on this… well there are hundreds of reports pushing the positives and the negatives of a renewed Reaganomics as proposed by President Trump.  The difference I see is this.  I hear it daily. I feel it with most every business owner I work with.  Over the past 12 months there is a renewed faith and hope in this country of ours and business owners are investing more and spending more because they all felt it too and they all had faith the changes being promise by Donald Trump during his campaign would soon come about.   I found this Time Magazine issue of President Bush and thought… well this is how the country looks at Trump.   Whether you love him or hate him, he is now the President of the Unites States and for one I think giving him a chance to deliver what he promised is exactly what we must do now.  Stop the fighting and let’s make the changes needed… we gave Obama and the Democrats that chance, at least I know I did.  Now it’s Trump’s turn. Fair is fair.  And that’s my take…. God bless us all and the Unites States of America.  Wayne Warrington