I AM FEARLESS, I seize opportunities because I have the courage to apply my faith through actions.


Fear is the only thing that ever gets in our way from realizing our full potential. Why we worry about the things we do is a mystery. Our fears are generally self-imposed or developed through the conditioning we receive from others. What do you think you could achieve in life if you simply eliminated your fears?  The answer is, you could achieve anything you want. Fears can be eliminated through the confidence the daily affirmations will help you develp. When you affirm your fearlessness your subconscious mind believes it and transforms your physical actions in fearlessness as well.  Eliminating fears sheds the burden, worry and negativity that you have learned thus far in life. Remember, fears are only thoughts. Convert your thoughts to positive and fearless actions, and you will master your own destiny.   Certainly you have heard this quote over and over again… “There is nothing to fear but fear itself!”  – Franklin D. Roosevelt –    Of course overcoming fear first requires the understanding of the basis of the fear and using the affirmations to counter it. I guess it is like the fear of heights, or of snakes, or of public speaking.  When I see someone standing at the top of a building without fear, or someone gently holding a snake, or speaking with confidence in front of a crowd… my first thought should be, LOOK HOW EASY that is!   If they can do it… so can I!  Then I take them aside and ask them… “How the heck do you hold a snake?”  🙂

The point here is… address your fears and realize that without them you can do anything in life and that is way more powerful than the fear itself!

Wisdom For Today:

Today I will shed one fear that is stopping me from living my dreams. I will NOT allow the fears of other people to create a mental roadblock to my success.


NOTE:  For more affirmations please drop me a note to obtain a copy of  John Alexandrov’s Affirmations of Wealth book.


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