I thought that selecting a topic for today’s article and to cover Day 4 of my mastermind session would be difficult since so many great things have taken place over the past 48 hours.  However, when I opened John Alexandrov’s book, Affirmations of Wealth, I opened it to page 230 where the subject was dealing with a person’s true worth.  This was an awesome subject line since it was part of the conversations I have had with several of my new business associates during the past 2 days.  So, let’s start with the best part 🙂 … the affirmation.


I AM FOREVER AWARE OF MY TRUE WORTH. I am worthy of success and wealth since I render the best possible service to my fellow man. I earn my wealth by serving others in a manner which enriches them as well as me.


Every person has a worth, a purpose in life. Discovering that purpose and pursuing it with passion brings extraordinary fulfillment to our lives. We can be sure of this: each one of us has the gifts, the talents, the courage and the spirit of God within us.  We have the freedom to choose to be whatever we want to be. We have the freedom to take the actions necessary to be wealthy. There are no “secrets” of success or wealth. You must simply decide what it is you really want from life, who you want to be as a person and pursue your dreams with the steadfast courage: then you will enjoy wealth and success beyond your expectations. Be forever conscious of your worth and the benefit you may deliver to others.  Never sell yourself short. You serve a specific and significant purpose in this world. You are worthy of success.

As I continued my mastermind session through Day 4, I was so blessed to meet with and complete several very important relationships with individuals and companies that can and will assist me with my purpose here in life.  The purpose of helping others and changing lives.

I am worthy of success and wealth. I will use my talents and my faith to benefit all those God has intended that I touch.

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