As we approach 2021, it is in my humble opinion, that we close out 2020 with a strong sense of unity, integrity and absolute support of our US Constitution, and with the words “We The People” firmly embraced in our hearts and minds.

Today as I watched the attached video, it 100% reaffirmed my belief that we are ONE people, that we are not Democrats, Republicans or Independents, we are ONE nation under God and We The People, want above all else, our Freedoms to be secured and protected through the honest election process of those we elect to govern our democracy.

If anyone steals, subjugates my VOTE in the election of any public official, I want them brought to justice. PERIOD. It does not matter who I vote for, I voted, it’s my right and I want my vote to count as an equal vote in the election. It is interesting that as we approached the election on Nov 3rd, 2020, I knew I was at odds with some of my beloved family members and friends. I knew they were voting against my choices for candidates in State or Federal offices. However, in every possible way, I encourages them to vote and more importantly I was proud of them for expressing their right to vote, even though, in some mathematical equation, it meant they would be canceling out MY vote.

You see…. this is what America is…. Freedom. Freedom of choice, and ability to vote in and out of office those that the majority, as defined by our constitution and laws, decide will best protect and preserve our way of life and our freedom.

On November 4th, 2020, we witnessed the opposite of that which we have cherished, supported, and for millions “died for”, we witnessed a planned, controlled and evil effort to take away from each of us, our right to have our voice heard through the power of our individual vote! As we enter 2021, let us take a stand and say this to those that orchestrated this effort to cancel our VOTES.

Never again will you be able to do this in America! We The People…. will not allow it!

Thank you for reading, and sharing these thoughts. Remember, together we CAN make a difference.


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