So many resolutions to be made, so many pounds to lose. Yet what we truly lose each year is time. Time where we could have shared that cup of coffee, shared a laugh or a hug. And most important, shared the love of someone that we may have stepped away from for a reason that seems even silly or unimportant today. When is it time to forgive?

Let’s make 2013 a year to reconnect with those we miss in our life, or those that miss us.  Have we been unfair holding onto a hurt that certainly no longer makes sense. Should we at least put those things behind us and move forward in life with love and forgiveness being a real part of who and what we are?

Several years ago I came to understand what unconditional love means in my life.  I was able to forgive and move forward and it has been such an amazing and peaceful experience for certain.  However, just about the time I was able to fully understand and appreciate the wonders of a forgiving heart, I became victim to another who has yet to learn these same lessons.  I miss this person in my life and there is not a day that goes by that I do not feel the loss.  So for me, not only will 2013 be a year filled with forgiveness for others, and asking of their forgiveness to me, it will be a year of reconnecting with those whose love I have shared and missed this past year.

Wishing you a wonderful year ahead, a year filled with love and forgiveness where it is needed most.    Matthew 6:14-15

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