I KNOW ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO THOSE THAT BELIEVE THEM. I believe in myself and my ability to achieve great things. I combine my belief, my faith, my courage, my confidence and my prayers to accomplish heroic goals for the benefit of many people.

Days 6 & 7 – for my mastermind session represented a weekend at home organizing, writing and planning.   One of the most critical areas of our lives is communications and we have simply placed ourselves in a state of overwhelm with all the various levels of communication.   Social Media, Cell Phones, Text Messages, E-mails, and so on.  Take a step back and USE today’s technology for your benefit, not the benefit of others that have discovered a free way to capture your attention in order to sell you something. 🙂

So, two great days of organizing, believing in myself and stepping outside of the box I had placed myself in recently due to the overwhelm in communications.  My mission in life has three areas that all tie together.  First and foremost is to help consumers recover their portion of the $1 trillion dollars in unclaimed property in the USA.  This to me is so important and such a huge task, yet I know it can be done.  Secondly is by paying it forward with  millions of consumers, I ask them to do the same by donating 10% to worthwhile charities and humanitarian efforts.  This process can be the catalyst for making positive change around the world.  And finally… the creation of an Ad Free, Spam Free, Consumer Friendly & Safe Internet experience.   All of this takes that Leap of Faith as shown above.  As we enter this new period in time where life seems to be renewing itself, where millions of people around the world are feeling the calling to share their love, compassion and knowledge with others, I make this Leap of Faith to accomplish my mission.


From the book Affirmations of Wealth I discovered the following insights by its author V. John Alexandrov. “I believe.” These are two very powerful words. When I affirm these words, I have no doubt in my abilities or in my mission in life. I believe in every word I write and in every action I take; I believe in my God-given mission and pupose in life. Whatever I believe, I will achieve, so long as I apply my faith and couple my courage and confidence with action. When I set out to accomplish any goal or to fulfill a heroic intent, I unequivocally believe that I will do so.  I will not allow myself to think, say or do anything that would diminish my belief. I promote my belief through daily affirmations, the visualization of my success and by clearly defined written goals, which distinctly define the benefit to myself and to others.


I know I can achieve whatever I believe. I will write out my beliefs clearly in the form of affirmations. I will read my affirmations and visualizations with clearly defined written goals. When I do so, I know there is no objective I will not realize.

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  1. This is a great article is great Wayne. It reminds us all to step back from the distractions of technology and use them to our advantage, not the other way around. Love the clearly defined written goals. It’s one so important to know precisely what it is you want, down to the very last detail. Thanks for writing this and congratulations on your revisit to clarity.

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