2022 A Year We Will Remember

I have remained busy these past 8 months, working on what I believe to be the most significant investigative case I have ever seen covering organized crime. For many of my friends and readers that have known me for years, you have understood my passion for the “take down” of the Mafia, the Mob …. elements of organized crime in America. Today we are faced with a much more ruthless enemy, one of pure evil intent and one with the mission to destroy our freedom and humanity as we know it.

America is under attack, as is the world as a whole, and as Americans, as patriots, we much stand up for our neighbors, our brothers and sisters, and protect all that we love.

Right now there are thousands upon thousands of medical experts, doctors, nurses, scientists and healthcare professionals around the world all calling for a cease and desist of the experimental injections being presented by entities and individuals that do NOT have the best interests in mind of those that are being pressured to “take the shot”. Click on this link to read about the cease and desist declaration by the World Council for Health. And to gain some insight as to the potential criminal activity involved, as presented by other experts in their fields, watch this video.

I plan to work as closely as possible with local state governments to ensure we have a collective effort in protecting the rights we have fought so hard to preserve over the last 200 years. Remember, together we CAN make a difference.

May God bless you, protect you and keep America safe from the attack we are faced with as we enter this new year of 2022.

Wayne Warrington

Wayne Warrington Consumer Advocate , ,

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