The most important election in contemporary history is in two days. 

And the results may simply surprise a lot of people.  Why?  Because main stream media may simply be leading us like sheep.

Virtually every national poll over the past two months has been pointing to Clinton has holding a sizable lead.  A lead that historically would have had an impact on American voters by staying home on election day.  Why go vote when your candidate is behind by double digits!


The wall had Trump supporters across it.

The problem for those supporting the Clinton campaign through these polling efforts is two fold.  First they never counted on the level of commitment Trump supporters represent.  And secondly they under estimated the power of the Internet and Social Media exposure which provides voters with a whole different story than that which is being fed to us as Americans.

During October while I was traveling across the country, I noticed something quite interesting.  It was the number of Trump signs in front yards and bumper stickers for Trump on cars vs those supporting Clinton.   In many areas it was a 5 to 1 ratio in favor of Trump.  In some areas, there was literally no evidence of support for Clinton.
Then at a conference I attended in Atlanta with over 200,000 business people and workers from the retail markets, there was a 70 plus foot political display that had tons of hand written notes from supporters for Trump and only two supporter comments for Clinton.  This was very curious to me since as I sat in my hotel room at night watching the news and the new poll results, the media was continuing to report the polling in favor of Clinton. #HillaryClinton

When I returned to Arizona, I started doing a little digging online and discovered another interesting indication as to the level of support “or the lack thereof” for Hillary Clinton.  It was in the form of attendance at her rallies.

Trump and Clinton Rallies
Which one seems to have more excitement and committed voters?

REALLY…. Trump fills stadiums to the point where he has to agree that he will start limiting attendance, and then there is Clinton that has a difficult time getting a few hundred in attendance to show up at most of her rallies.  Of course there are some Clinton rallies where more sizable attendance is virtually guaranteed. Why?  Because people are attending to see one of their favorite performers or Hollywood Stars.

So what is Wayne’s Take on the current poll?   Here you go….
The US Presidential Election Results 2016

There is a lot of red in this map and way more than any mainstream media outlet would ever provide, however here is my rational.

  1. My travels in other states showed 5 to 1 support for Trump.
  2. My individual polling of voters show virtually the same level of support for Trump over Clinton.
  3. The early voting polls are driven by the fact that Clinton has been holding rallies, according to her team, at or around early voting facilities and they have been busing their supporters to the voting places to get in the early votes in.  Great strategic move, yet in the end not enough.
  4. The controversies Clinton is covered with as to: the FBI investigation, the Clinton Foundation Donations from foreign governments, her cover up of her husband’s affairs are for many the final straw(s) as to her history of abuse while in public office.
  5. 80% of Americans are simply fed up with the status quo of Washington politics and they are demanding a change.  Those on the fence will either vote for Trump with fingers crossed that he is the change needed, or they will vote for  the Green party candidate or Gary Johnson as a way of expressing their disgust for how our elected officials in Washington have destroyed our country and saddled our children and grand children with a massive national debt that if not corrected NOW, we will never be able to recover from without tremendous sacrifice for generations to come.  #DonaldTrump
  6.  Americans want to move forward, want a great country that is as free as possible from corruption and to even think that we could be electing a President, to the highest office in the land, that has one or more criminal indictments looming over her is simply more than we can think of at this stage in our history.

And here is my TAKE as to if the election results do NOT come out very close to the map I presented to the right.  #WaynesTake

If Trump does not win the election then I would sincerely believe our election process has been rigged as Trump and many others are suggesting.   It is possible to hack and manipulate election results.  We know this from the experts and this is nothing new. What we as Americans hope and pray for is for the election process to be honest, fair and elected officials are to be held accountable.  As I stated in my opening here…. this is the most important election in contemporary history.  The next sitting President of the United States will be shaping our future for generations to come.  We will either become one of the greatest nations in the world again, respected by our allies and leading the way for humanity throughout the world, or if we follow the same path the current administration has taken us down, we will continue to lose our position within the world’s economy, currency markets and military strength.

Finally, I am providing a LINK HERE to a very clear cut report from the CAA as to each of the political candidates for President.  What I would ask all of my readers to do over the next two days is this.  First…. read the report and read the history on the candidates and then GO AND VOTE!   Vote for the change we need to bring our country together again and make our country great again. #2016Election

Thank you and God Bless America.

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