As we enter 2016, I was honored to be nominated for the Man of the Year Award for the Arizona Chapter of Leukemia & Lymphoma Society MWOY (LLS MWOY)

In accepting this nomination I have pledged to be of ongoing support to LLS in their fund raising efforts to move forward the many national and local projects they have in the works this year.

As there are no means of preventing or early screening for most blood cancers, the LLS research agenda is focused on finding cures. LLS drives research in areas of unmet medical need, and helps to bridge the gap between academic discovery and drug development. LLS identifies and funds the most promising blood cancer research projects and forges partnerships with academic institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to accelerate the development of new therapies.   Wayne Warrington accepts nomination as 2016 Man of the Year

Patient Access: LLS is the leading source of free, highly specialized blood cancer information, education and support for patients, survivors, families and healthcare professionals. LLS touch patients in their communities through our chapters across the U.S. and Canada. LLS’s team are advocates for blood cancer survivors and their families, helping patients navigate their cancer treatments and ensuring they have access to quality, affordable and coordinated care.

LLS recognizes that finding cures is not enough; we need to ensure that patients have access to the treatments, services and providers they need to live longer, better, healthier lives. LLS is dedicated to removing barriers to care. By providing our network of advocates a powerful voice, the Policy and Advocacy Team drives policies that accelerate the development and approval of innovative treatments and ensure that patients have sustainable access to quality, affordable coordinated care. Our team is committed to ensuring that patients have access to adequate network of providers and services and are protected from high out-of-pocket costs that limit access to life-saving treatments.

As a nominee for the MWOY award, I wish to thank in advance all those individuals they are supporting this effort and the work LLS does across the country.  The team of business professionals that I have selected to aid me in this fund raising efforts are truly compassionate individuals whose lives are a testament to our humanity and positive support of outreach programs such as these.

For additional information on how you too can support this worthwhile organization, please contact me through my office in Arizona.   May God’s blessings for success in our efforts be with us and for the final cure of blood cancers to be found.

Wishing all a great 2016 ahead.  Wayne

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