Attitude, Persistence, Balance, Drive, Commitment & Faith
by:  Wayne Warrington

With the clock ticking away, these last few hours of 2012 serve to remind me of many things.Excellence Sign

First, the things that I did not finish this year.

Second, the things I wish to accomplish in the year ahead.

Third, the gratitude I have in my heart for the blessings I received over the past year.

And fourth, those people in my life that I am so thankful for and cherish.

All of the above may sound pretty self-centered.  The truth is without thinking about the world around me and horrific events such as Hurricane Sandy, the billion dollar 2012 election, the economy, the homeless and the fiscal cliff ahead…well I could find myself wallowing in self pity over the events in my life this year which have brought me sadness or pain. It is looking outside of myself to others and the challenges they faced, or the losses they incurred, that awaken me to the blessings of things such as:  my relationship with God, the love of my family and my fiancée’, my ability to work and serve my fellow man, my health, the roof over my head and the food on the table each day.  For many, these things which I could easily take for granted, are things others pray for daily to be renewed in their life.

It is also the awareness of the needs of others which adds to the humility in my life and for that I am eternally grateful. My work with thousands of people each week provides me with some “uncomfortable” insight as to the REAL state of our Country, which I believe in so deeply.

As we were discussing our goals for 2013, my fiancée came up with the phrase “Year of Excellence”. How appropriate the title is, or can be, when we consider the resources we do have as a nation and the ability we still have to make 2013 an incredibly prosperous, successful and loving year for us all.   For the past several years as I close out my communication with consumers, I have been using the phrase … “Together we CAN make a difference.”  It is TOGETHER that we can become more than we can alone.  It is by working together that positive changes in our country can be achieved.  It is by working together that our homeless and unemployed will find comfort, peace and protection during 2013.

The purpose of this article is to state the CHALLENGE that I am placing upon myself to be a better man this year, to work towards excellence which means each day I will strive to achieve more in my life than the day before.  As a Christian man I have a calling to be of service to others. As a family man I have a burning desire to be the best father and husband I can be.  As a consumer advocate I have a sense of responsibility to help protect the rights of those that are being abused by others. I realize that perfection is not within any of us, least not within me. So I accept my imperfections while at the same time I do not accept complacency in my life, and I will strive for a state of excellence in all that I do from this day on.

Wayne Warrington's Challenge of ExcellenceThe key elements that I plan to use in my quest for excellence will include:

Attitude: And a positive one at that!

Persistence:  Never give up, never surrender! Love that quote. 🙂

Balance:  Health, Wealth and Love. A weekly review of our balance is so helpful.

Drive:  There is so much difference in being driven somewhere vs. having the drive to get to where you want to go. I know where I want to be in 2014, so 2013 will be the year I will maintain the DRIVE to get there.

Commitment: If we are not committed to that which we wish to achieve, then the process and time we spend will be in the chase and not the capture of our dreams.

Faith: My strength comes from my faith in God. In His judgment and in His promise of that which is to come.  Without our faith in God’s perfection, I believe we would truly be alone.

In closing I wish to acknowledge those that have been a part of my life, my work and my efforts to be of service to others. Without your support and consideration over the past year, I certainly could not have achieved all that has been accomplished this year. Thank you again for being there.

My prayers and best wishes for a Year of Excellence in 2013 are with each of my family members and my friends both here online and those close to home.  May God’s blessings be with each of you as we enter this New Year.


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