Whatever life has dealt you over the years, 2012 can be a year of change for you.  Let it start with love! Love for God, humanity, your neighbor, your family and friends and of course love for yourself.

Faith, hope and love are important concepts in the Bible, but I believe that love is the greatest sensation of all. And, I believe that 2012 is the year in which love will conquer all. God has given us the ability and capacity to love those around us, even when we do not wish to do so.  It is through this incredible gift that you and I can and will together make a difference in this world.

I stand before you a testament of three of the greatest forms of love known to humanity.

First and foremost is my love for God.  He has tested and delivered me into His love for all His children and I could not be happier with this revelation.

Second is the love for His children. This was certainly more of a challenge for me since I have spent the past 20 plus years as a senior fraud investigator. I feel that I’ve seen it all as to greed and crimes against humanity.

Third is the experience of unconditional love for another person whose path and life is the same as mine with Christ.  Once you have experienced this, it is impossible to turn your head away from it. YOU MUST move forward and accept the gifts that are being delivered to you.

My question to you is this:  Where are you today with your peace of mind, your state of happiness and your belief system?

Are you 10 percent out of 100 percent? Seventy percent out of 100 percent? Where are you and what is keeping you from reaching that 100 percent mark?  Please remember that the only person to walk this Earth at 100 percent happiness and belief in a God unseen was Christ himself! Rest easy that you will NEVER reach 100 percent and you’re not supposed to. Just knowing that Christ was able is enough. Let’s shoot for 85 percent or even 90 percent, or, let’s just be aware of ourselves in each moment, for better or worse, grateful to have had a leader such as Christ to set the bar at 100 percent and give us something for which to strive, a purpose to keep doing the best we can with the life each of us are given.

As we enter into this era of change, the year in which millions will find their path in life, Robin and I would like to extend to you an invitation to join us in a universal celebration of unconditional love.

It is God’s desire for all His children to unite as one family and this year certainly can be a beautiful start for us all in unity and humanity.

So my message to you this incredible last day of December 2011 is simply this:  Let 2012 be the year of your rebirth with God, with love and with the promise of eternal life that we have through Him.

May God Bless you with the abundance He has promised.

Walking in His Grace, Wayne

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  1. Wayne, I thank you for your inspiration, I too find myself helping people all the time, even the ones that hurt you. As God commands us to. As with my ex-husband all the years of hurt, humiliation, abuse,after 22 years I got the guts,let go of the guilt, and became free. Now I find myself helping the man that abused me, he had multiple strokes, became aphonic, lost his fancy cars, house, lavish lifestyle, I helped him to get into a retirement community, and helped him with his property and possessions. It feels good to me, I forgave him and let it go, then I was blessed, and continue to be blessed, that is why I am contacting you regarding the collection of funds, my mother is old and sick and so is my dad. My moms sister died last year on her birthday and my grandfather left money behind, I know it, my dad has relatives all over and comes from a large family. Please help me get connected with the people who owe us money. I know they are owing but don’t know who to contact. I have purchased some magazines through the organization. I am willing to offer my services also for free.
    My Family names are: ,….. deleted for privacy…. please let me know who I contact next.

    Sincerely, God Bless You
    Sandra S. Deleted for privacy

    1. Sandra, May God’s blessings be with you this day and always. I am going through you file again today to update with what we have. Best wishes, Wayne

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